Launderette Calne Wiltshire

Ironing Services, Launderette and Dry Cleaners in Calne, Wiltshire


At Laundramagic we offer a number of cleaning services that will ensure all your clothes and garments look absolutely spotless. 


  • We operate a launderette, dry cleaning and special item service so that whatever item you have, we will be able to get it clean. We can also wash many of your household items with our linen and fabric service.
  • We also have the capacity to offer services for businesses. Whatever your requirements, if you need something cleaned get in touch with us at Laundramagic if you are looking for a launderette and dry cleaners in Calne, Wiltshire.

 Launderette in Calne and Wiltshire



Launderette with Sluice Machine Facility

If you would like to wash and dry your clothes, then we have all the facilities you need. We operate the best and most expansive washing machines, so you have more than enough space to clean everything you have in one go. If you need to be extra careful with your washing we also have sluice machines so the risk of contamination and infection is really minimised.

Dry Cleaning Service

Prolong the life of all your silk and woolen clothes by using our dry cleaning services. We clean dinner jackets, winter coats and commercial work wear amongst many other things. We’ll be able to remove all of those hard to remove stains but do so in a way that won’t damage or distort your items. Best of all, is that we can turnaround your items in just 24 hours!


Special Items

If you have any special items that you need cleaned – then it is important that you let the specialists do it for you. From wedding dresses to ballgowns we know all the best techniques to clean your treasured items in a way which won’t damage the fabric. We can also treat other special items such as table clothes and wedding seat covers, if you want them to look really immaculate.

Linen and Fabrics

We can clean, alter and repair all of your household linens and fabrics including duvets, feather duvets, curtains and commercial linen as well as any type of linen suit. Just tell us what work you need done and we’ll be able to take care of everything. All you need to do is pop back at a time convenient for you, and then pick up your items.



Clothes Pressing and Ironing Services

Want your shirts and trousers to look impeccable? Then leave it to us to iron and press all of your clothes. We have years of experience ironing clothes and you will be amazed at how great yours will look.

Suede and Leather Cleaning and Repairs

Do you have scuffed and marked leather or suede clothing and are struggling to get them removed. We are experts at cleaning, repairing and restoring all types of leather and suede jackets, trousers and tops and we will bring your clothes back to life.



Commercial and Business Services

Are you a restaurant, sports club, care home or hotel? Then you probably have untold amounts of washing and cleaning. We have contracts with a number of pubs, restaurants and hotels so you can rely on us to get all of your cleaning done and we’ll make sure to do it quickly and effectively.


If you are looking for a reliable launderette and dry cleaners in Calne, Wiltshire, get in touch with us at Laundramagic.